Welcome to Carrots and Carats, a brand new podcast.

The idea of making a jewellery pod emerged as we were hosting dinner parties inviting artist that were exhibiting at gallery Four. We realised that sitting down at a table over food and drinks opened up for interesting conversations about art jewellery. We decided to kick up a notch and cook meals inspired by the artists work and use that as a starting point for discussions about jewellery, life and all that is in between.

In the very first episode we dine with Nina Sajet, the day before her solo exhibition opens at Four. Nina is a Dutch artist living and working in Amsterdam. In this chat we discuss her jewellery, relation with fish, possible addiction to flake salt and much more.

Welcome to join us at the table!






© Nina Sajet


Photography by Shehera Grot


“I like also to create pieces without knowing what I will make, 
that is why I am surprised, and when I am surprised then I am happy.
I am not happy when I create something that I already thought that I would make .
Why would I make it then? It makes no sense.”




Lost in Sea
Photography by: Anouck Wolf



Lost in Sea
Photography by: Anouck Wolf


“It is not so important for me to tell them about the process
I forget about it when the pieces is there
I only remember the story. Why I wanted to create the piece.

In some case if something is completely new….
then I am eager to tell because it is a new experience
but otherwise I like to tell the bigger picture
because making is not the whole picture”






Tableau Vivant
© Nina Sajet


Movie Tableau vivant  ©  2010 Concept Nina Sajet, Director Biserka Suran,  Camera Artyom Zakharenko.


Photography by: Shehera Grot


Carrots & Carats is a collaboration between Jonas Carboo, Karin Roy Andersson and Sanna Svedestedt