It is hot in Göteborg, we have just had a couple of what weathermen call tropical nights when the temperature does not go below 30 degrees. One way to cool down physically and raise your emotional temperature is to visit the exhibition From the Coolest Corner at the Röhsska museum. This ambitious project showcase contemporary jewellery from 60 Nordic makers. The attempt is to show the current regional developments within the art field.


Elise Hatlø
Brooch: Grandma signs the blues, silver, copper, smoky quartz, agate, silk, lacquer

The show started in Oslo and travelled around Scandinavia, the final destination is Munich March 2015. In the version of Röhsska the works are exhibited in airy cabinets, giving space to all of the individual works. It is not an easy task to display this amount of work but overall it is a successful display where all piece are given the same attention.

When we walk around in the exhibition it is a chance to see our ffavourites live. But what about all of those who don’t know the work as well as we do and perhaps see art jewellery for the first time? The information provided gives a hint, but there is no further description of the different works and of the concepts behind them. This exhibition demands a lot from the visitors. We hope for a future where museums have more resources to develop ways to make it easier for visitors to take part of the artist’s visions and ideas behind the jewellery on display.



fcc_5Lillian Eliassen, necklaces
left: “Courage”, casting clay, copper
right: “Every road is just another way home”, casting clay & silver

 fcc_4Anna Rikkinen, necklace
“A Dutch Encounter V,” lacquered wood paper & yarn


fcc_10 (1)