In September, we were walking around with a slight feeling of disorientation. One week, during the two day seminar New Adventures in Jewellery, there were 13 art jewellery exhibitions happening simultaneously in Gothenburg along with an extensive seminar program, performances and other events! It felt like the Munich Schmuck-week, right here in the north.

The exhibition programme actually started in May and it is running until mid November, in conjunction with From the Coolest Corner; Nordic Jewellery at the Röhsska Museum. Here are some shots from what has been going on in town:


running around town with the exhibition programme.


exhibition “Hello, I am Jewellery by Mah Rana”.


Mah Rana did a continuation of her project Meanings & Attachments on three locations in Gothenburg.
Here with students from HDK Jewellery Art Department.


Mechanical paper piece by Charlotte Maslov / SAK SAMMA


Exhibition “Garaget” curated by Tore Svensson featuring Charlotte Maslov,
Hanna Liljenberg, Klara Brynge, Mikael Sellersjö & Åsa Christensson


“To make order” performance by Sanna Lindholm & Pia Gyll


Märta Mattsson “The Sweet Perfume of Decay”, Sintra

19-20th September the New Adventures in Jewellery Seminar took place at HDK and offered an interesting, dynamic program. Ursula Ilse-Neuman, Susan Pietzsch, Mah Rana, Damian Skinner and Claudia Betancourt & Nano Pulgar from Walka Studio were the invited keynote speakers. To top that off the organizatory team had held an open call for 10 minutes spots in the program. For the open call four presenters were selected: Carla Castiajo, Gemma Draper, Anvita Jain Kriz and Bórax08001 (Carolina Gimeno & Nelly Van Oost).

Damian Skinner was sharp as always and gave the most provoking speech, offering a new point of view on the field of art jewelry by placing the wearer in focus. He also painted a clear image of how the history of art jewelry has been distorted in the history books due to eurocentrism in the field.

It was very interesting to hear Anvita Jain from project Bawra talk about the jewelry scene in India, one of the worlds biggest producers of commercial and traditional jewellery. Ursula Illse Neuman gave us a portrait of the history of photography used in the world of art jewellery. She introduced interesting artists and pieces and the lecture included many american artists that were new to our still quite euro centrated eyes.


Carolina Gimeno & Nelly Van Oost from Bórax08001 talked about  their project “Jewellery Displaced “with live jewellery interventions in the streets. The team spoke from from a strong point of view that art jewellery is supposed to be experienced by people, watching, touching and wearing and that jewellery belongs on the body.

“It is necessary to spread the word about what we are doing in a larger perspective. The goal of Borax is to provoke awareness and get more people loving what we are doing. “

At the end of the talk Bórax08001 presented a short clip from their new movie presenting the intervention in Paris 2013.


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