During 2014 Diagonal is working on pilot video of Alkemisterna that will later become a series of episodes presenting the innovative, skilled, creative, intelligent and absolutely wonderful world of traditional craft and contemporary jewellery.

In today’s society of mass consumption, time consuming techniques and craft is rare. We want to raise questions about sustainability, about the value of time spent on creating unique objects by hand and how to keep slow craft techniques alive.

Sanna Svedestedt, Karin Roy Andersson, Alkemisterna, Contemporary Jewellery, Jewelllery Art, craft

When it comes to food culture we have seen a strong trend of “slow food” and we start to see a similar hype when it comes to clothes, furniture, everyday use objects and jewellery. We want to do our best to put some air into that smouldering fire. In the future we hope that we will choose quality, originality and sustainability over quantity and quickly passing trends.