In 2011 Diagonal invited nine female artists to participate in the art project A Pieceful Swedish Smörgåsbord. We asked the artists to express their personal thoughts about the state of the Swedish society through the medium of art jewellery.

Sweden is a country often seen as a role model for equality and social work. At the same time it is a well-known fact that Sweden is one of the countries with the highest numbers of one-person households and that suicide rates here are unusually high. These darker facets of the Swedish society were put into the spotlight by for example Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy and the murder of Sweden’s minister for foreign affairs Anna Lindh. This combined with the prejudices of tall blond beauties made us want to display an additional voice to the matter.

A Pieceful Swedish Smörgåsbord was first presented as a satellite exhibition during Schmuck 2011 in Munich, Germany and in conjunction with Umeå Jazz Festival in Sweden 2011.


Lisa Björke Art Jewellery Smyckekonst

brooch by Lisa Björke

Malin Lövgren

ring by Malin Lövgren

Maria Ylander

brooch by Maria Ylander

 Participating artists: Nina Mårtensson, Hanna Liljenberg, Malin Lövgren, Pernilla Persson, Maria Ylander, Märta Mattsson, Lisa Björke, Linda Marie Karlsson, Sanna Svedestedt, Karin Roy Andersson, Ellen Jacobsen Holvik