Two weeks ago it was time to make another Diagonal trip, this time we headed for the capital of Sweden – Stockholm. We had a long list of things to accomplish with a complex  plan on how get all the logistics and timings right. The two day schedule started with a breakfast together with Märta Mattsson.

Märta is a jewellery artist who has made herself well known on the international art scene with her strikingly beautiful, provocative and, to some people, scary pieces. She often uses parts of insects and butterflies and her art work has the character of being repulsive and highly attractive at the same time. With her latest pieces that is now shown in the exhibition Frozen Flora, Flourishing Fauna at Galerie Marzee, she has created a  frozen and magical forest, her own ‘Narnia’. Since the theme for our pilot episode of Alkemisterna is wood we decided to follow her during one day, catching a glimpse of the everyday life of a contemporary jeweller.

DSC_0405.MOV.00_00_10_11.Still001Märta and Pumba taking a walk

After breakfast we went down to her workshop located on the first floor of her flat. While she did some finishing touches on a beetle brooch we investigated her materials and tools. Being welcomed into someones studio is really like entering the creative heart of an artist, and Märta’s workspace shows a lot of her personality and sources of inspiration. We recorded an interview where we talked to Märta about her relationship with the material wood, how she works and why she started making jewellery.

DSC_0389.MOV.00_00_00_07.Still001Märta in her studio

We want the pilot to tell the story of what it can be like to work as an art jeweller. In the afternoon Märta had a long list of errands and we tagged along with our camera. We also met up with designer Anna Forsberg from Makeda

While Märta and Anna talked about a possible collaboration we examined the wonderful handmade wool rugs.

DSC_0429.MOV.00_00_00_02.Still001Hand made rug by Makeda

The second day we said good bye to Märta who had a long list of to-dos before a one month workation to Mexico and we took one of her bird brooches with us on a new mission.

DSC_0471.MOV.00_00_00_00.Still001Crash! brooch by Märta Mattsson

One important part of Alkemisterna is to show contemporary jewellery on real people in an everyday, ordinary setting. We want to give our viewers a hint of what life could be like if more people started to showcase these intelligent, inspiring, unique pieces. We borrowed a necklace by Tanel Veenre from gallery Platina and then we hooked up with two fantastic models. One in the supermarket and one in a bar.

DSC_0475.MOV.00_01_33_00.Still001Crash! brooch by Märta Mattsson, model: Louisa Flores

DSC_0444.MOV.00_01_41_00.Still002Neckpiece by Tanel Veenre, model: Sofie Gillstedt


We are right now busy with editing the material we have collected.