In the middle of November Diagonal crossed one time zone in the east direction and landed in Tallinn. Our big luggage contained microphones, tripods, lights and cameras, and our stomachs were filled with butterflies. Our quest: film material for the pilot of Alkemisterna.

The main topic of the pilot episode is wood. There are many interesting jewellery artists working with wood but when we started talking about who to contact for an interview one name immediately came to our minds: Tanel Veenre.

The reason the butterflies had gone into our bellies was mainly the technical issues. Did we have all the cables, memory cards and camera lenses? Did we know how to make it work? Would we be able to catch the magic moments in Tanel’s studio on film?

Tanel Veenre has his studio in the old city center of Tallinn. It is a beautiful space and as most often the interior carried the character and spirit of the artist. Materials, tools and  ideas for pieces waiting to be fulfilled inhabited the studio, but also the special atmosphere that we find in Tanel’s work.


We asked Tanel about his first memories of working with wood. Did he have any childhood memories of working with the material? What was his favourite tools to ply the wood? Why does he often choose to incorporate wood in his jewellery? It was a few interesting hours and we are so happy that this enthusiastic, humoristic and skilled artist is now on our tape!

When we had decided to make a trip to Tallinn we realized we could not miss the chance to also visit an artist whose work we have both admired ever since we first saw it at Schmuck 2011. Julia Maria Künnap welcomed us in her house/studio and we had a fantastic afternoon together when she showed us her work and we talked about techniques, materials, tools, jewellery and all the different aspects of working with stone – the topic of our next episode!